Introducing our star players

We have a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities.

Secretary/Local Contact - Chetana Greenwood

Having always been mindful of our impact on the earth, I felt I had invested in making my family's impact as small as possible.  I hadn't really thought about being political and it was only when my 14 year old daughter asked me to join the Green Party at the last election, that I realised that a Green Voice needs to be heard in every council.  We currently don't have even one Green Councillor in Eastleigh, something that we want to change.  We know there are a lot of would-be Green voters out there if only they had the chance.  We are here to give you that option.  While we are waiting for the next run of elections, we think that there is lots we can do locally to help people implement a greener way of being.

Co-ordinator - Glynn Fleming

"I decided I wanted to get involved in Green Politics at the last general election, fed up of shouting at the TV and internet and completely disillusioned with the politicians we ahve in this country, knowing they have no real interest in making the world a better place.  I was inspired by the local Green Party who stood a candidate in the General Election in Eastleigh and received 1500 votes.  Countrywide the Green Party received 1.1 million votes, it is a start and we need to continue this movement if we really want to change.  So I'm with the Greens and intend to give others the opportunity to vote Green rather than not bothering voting, or voting for more of the same which can only give us more of the same!"

Chair - Caitlín Greenwood

Treasurer - Cathy Burr

Membership Secretary - Alex Hughes

Parliamentary Candidate - Ron Meldrum

Press Officer - Liam Fleming